The high comfort cushion has two divisions that provide 100% support to your head, shoulders, and neck.

The suction cups keep the cushion in place and prevent the sides from slipping inside the bathtub.


It provides luxury with its super-size of 30x35 cm. The upholstery is 4cm which mean that the cushion can be easily fit in any bathtub. 

The cushion is made from a special form that keeps you relaxed and adapts easily to your head shake to provide that extra comfort.


The cushion can be cleaned easily due to its water-repellent surface. It can be folded and stored to save your space.


Place it into your bathtub before taking a bath and enjoy the relaxing moments!


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Bath Comfort

  • Cikkszám: Bath Cushion
  • Elérhető: Raktáron
  • 311.00 Ft

  • Nettó ár: 311.00 Ft