Made from Swan velvet, the arch support insoles are designed for extra comfort. They give your foot the medical support it needs. Perfect for people who experience discomfort or pain in their feet, flat-footed people, plantar fasciitis, high arches and fatigued feet.


The high-quality material does not irritate the skin or feel hard on it. It is skin friendly, and the grips make it anti-slip. The velvet material feels soft and delicate against the skin. It is breathable so that your foot does not give a bad odor.


Can be comfortably be worn throughout the day to feel comfortable and cool. The EVA in the polymer acts as a cushion against your feet, and its elastic nature reduces any shocks that may damage or negatively affect your leg. It reduces wear and tear of shocks on your leg.


It is durable and will last for a long while. It will block any discomfort or pronation.

It helps increase blood flow movement to reduce any fatigue that may arise from walking. 


Place these insoles inside your shoes and enjoy the comfort.


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Comfort Foot Support

  • Cikkszám: B0755VY1JM
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  • 414.00 Ft

  • Nettó ár: 414.00 Ft