The aroma diffuser is a portable diffuser of 150ml. It has 7 different colored LED lights that can be adjusted from bright to dim as you please. It can also act as a night light for your children's room.

The colors include: White, Light Blue, Yellow, Pink, Red, Dark Blue, and Green. It has a waterless auto shut off option.

The diffuser can be filled with essential oils that will give an aura of a good mist in your room or office that will last long.

The fragrances will help you lift your mood throughout the day and release your stress. It can easily remove all bad odors from your space.


It can also decrease humidity and replace the dry air filled with germs that may affect you or your family/friends by replacing it with a lovely fragrance. It also helps prevent skin dryness in the winter season.


The diffuser has three modes that you can choose from:

Intermittent Mist – works for 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off (6-9 hours)

Continuous Mist – 3-5 hours

Lights only


fill it with water and position your humidifier to turn it on. Once your purpose has been fulfilled, turn it off and see if the water needs to be refilled.


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Aroma Diffuser

  • Cikkszám: B00V9JP8EE
  • Elérhető: Raktáron
  • 380.00 Ft
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