• Charcoal Mud Mask

Charcoal masks are a very effective skin care treatment that is used in the modern world. Removing impurities from the skin and expelling excess oil that gives your skin a greasy look, this charcoal mud mask is your perfect skin care treatment.

Also having a built-in blackhead remover quality, you do not need to buy separate blackhead removing masks!

Giving a matt touch to your skin, it gives your skin a fresh look 24h around.

Tightens your pores and makes it look less oily – isn’t that what you are looking for?

This charcoal mask not only exfoliates your skin, but also heals wounds at a faster rate, leaving your skin with a lightning and brightening look.

Helps you get rid of itchiness and allergies, this charcoal mud mask is your chance to have the added effects of treatment for your skin.


Apply a thin layer of the mask onto your skin and leave it for 15 mins. Rinse off your face and see the change!


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Charcoal Mud Mask

  • Cikkszám: B0756VS4Q8
  • Elérhető: 2-3 Days
  • 449.00 Ft
  • 290.00 Ft

  • Nettó ár: 290.00 Ft